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Medium Steaks

Break the Bank
Play 'Break the Bank' At Sunset Online Casino Now!
Break the Bank is the next step up in this game review. This game ups the stakes to $10 a play with a possible payout of $500. As you can see as the stakes get higher so does the possibility of hitting a larger jackpot. This game has odds of 1:3.57. With the flashy artwork that is associated with this card you can enjoy hours and hours of fun playing it.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat, with a $20 dollar buy-in with great odds at 1:3.27, allows you to play fast and win big. The large win for this puppy is a whopping $1000. I played this game for only 2 minutes and was up $400, not bad if I do say so myself. Why don’t you try it out?Play 'Fat Cat' At Sunset Online Casino Now!

If you have been playing scratch cards for years and have the money to spend, I recommend that you start with these babies. Yes, the money out front is large, but the odds are great. If you are looking to become a big winner start here, don’t even consider the lower stake cards.

High Stakes

Big Winner

Play 'Big Winner' At Sunset Online Casino Now!
Want to win big? If you do this is the one for you. Big winner is a $50 dollar ticket with payouts ranging from $50 up to $2500. With odds of 1:3.02 you will be winning all the time. High stakes maybe, but big winner for sure.

High Roller
Play 'High Roller' fsAt Sunset Online Casino Now!
Tired of playing for hours and hours just to build up a bank roll and win something big? High Roller is just the answer. At $100 dollars a scratch and a jackpot of $5000, you can be satisfied after just one play. This type of ticket is definitely an exciting one, with its high cost, but potential large winnings; it puts you on the edge of your seat every time. The odds for this particular game are 1:2.94.

Now that you have an overview of all the scratch cards that are available you may want to check them out here. I recommend that you start off with the low stakes cards and work your way through them. Remember though, the lower stakes cards hold less of a chance to win big or even win at all. You will definitely want to dip your feet into the High Rollers section eventually.

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