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Lotology was first thought about in the early 90’s and has quickly become a part of all different types of cultures. I came across some information that describes how a couple of journalists writing a few articles coined the phrase, Lotology and Lotologist. It is very interesting to see the process of coining a term.

Lotology – (lot-ol-o-ji) n.
The study of the lottery.

Lotologist – (lot-ol-o-jist) n.
One who studies or collects lottery items.

How were the words "Lotology and Lotologist" born?
  1. July 1993 LCS news letter -- Readers Corner
    Jay MacGinnitie GLCS# 169 wrote in the reader column that he felt we need a name for our hobby.

  2. August 1993 LCS news letter --- Readers Corner
    "LAGCHRONOLOGY" was suggested by Stanley Odel #398

  3. "LOTOLOGY" suggested by Bill Cupp #390

  4. September 1993 LCS news letter -- Readers Column
    "LOTTEROPHILIA" was suggested by David Vazquez Trujillo # 371

  5. "NOUNLOTTOLYSIS" was suggest by Paul Ramien

  6. September 1993-- ballots sent out and to be sent back postmarked by October 1, 1993 to select one of the four ABOVE.

  7. October 1993 LCS newsletter -- by popular vote we are-- lotologists ( in the hobby of lotology)
    lagchrnology 3 votes
    lotology 60 votes
    lotterophilia 21 votes
    nounlottolysis 1 vote

  8. December 1993 I ( Cuppie) contacted James Lowe at Merriam Webster and requested that Lotology and Lotologist be put into their archive for possible listing in their dictionary
  9. January 13 1994 letter from James Lowe of Merriam Webster stating that they would put Lotology- Lotologist in their files, but they would need MUCH more worldwide usage of the word -- publications included.

  10. I requested Glen Faulhaber, Alfred Ricks, Vladimir Parungao, Ron Bradley and several others to help us get the word out (snail mail only then) to use the word as much as possible

  11. January 1994 LCS Newsletter-- Editor's note-- stating that a letter from Merriam Webster was sent to the LCS (actually to me) and the LCS was requesting the word to be used as much as possible by the members. (adding a "special thanks" to Bill Cupp )

  12. February 1994 -- FIRST news letter issue using the name " THE LOTOLOGIST"

  13. October 13, 1998
    After many communications with James Lowe I received a letter stating " By the time for the next edition of the Collegiate Dictionary we expect to have sufficient evidence of usage to warrant the entry of these terms"-- James Lowe

  14. March 2000-- DISCOVERY magazine came out with an article about Merriam Webster and how they select and put new words in their dictionary-- interview from James Lowe-- he used LOTOLOGY as his example-- Jim sent me a signed copy with "Congratulations Cuppie on being the first person to bring Lotology to Webster's attention above his picture -- Best Wishes, Jim Lowe
  15. July 7, 2000 email received from Jim Lowe

    " Hi Cuppie,

    I read the press release from Random House but did not see "lotology" listed as an addition to their dictionary. We're still collecting examples of its usage. I found a few more on the NEXIS database and will continue to be on the lookout. But it probably won't be before 2003 that it will be an entry. That's when we expect the 11th edition of the Collegiate Dictionary, if we stay on schedule.

    James G. Lowe "
That is how the name was born. There is a lot of work when it comes to coining a phrase, especially as quickly as this happened.

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