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Types of Scratch Off Cards

There are 3 types of card categories when you think of lottery scratch off cards, ‘Pull’, ‘Scratch’, and ‘lottery’. All of these are extremely addictive and fun to participate in. From my experience, I enjoy the scratch off cards the best, which is not to say that the others are not fun, I just enjoy the game themes that are offered with scratch tickets.

Pull Cards

If you have ever seen these little babies you know exactly why they are called, ‘Pull Cards’. The fundamental reason is that you pull each of the tabs to reveal whether you have won or not. This game has a theme much like playing slot machines, with multiple, different themes from baseball to barn animals, and you have to hit three symbols that are the same to win. Playing ‘Pull Cards’ is very fun, but very repetitive, and if you expect to win big on these guys you are wrong, although you can win good money, the pay offs are not as large as the other two types of cards covered in this section.

Scratch off Cards

If you like multi-themed content and a wide range in variety of games, then scratch off cards are for you. Some popular versions of this type of card are, ‘Strike it Rich’, ‘Lucky Streak’ and ‘High Roller’. All of these games are for different stakes, they have different buy-in rates, and depending on which games you play, much higher payouts. With their colorful backgrounds and enriched art you can play these for hours. If you are interested in winning larger amounts of money, try out the scratch off cards at Sunset Online Casino.


I think we all know what a lottery ticket is, but in case you don’t, these are the ones where you get to choose a set of numbers or have a computer randomly select them for you. Once you have your ticket all you have to do is wait for the winning numbers to be posted. This is much like Keno, if you want to try some Keno, goto GoldenPalace.com.

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