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In this section, I will be briefly describing the games that you can find on Sunset Online Casino. As mentioned on the site in other locations, if you like to scratch and you like fast action, scratch card playing is the right choice for you.

The first section here is for Low Stakes players or beginners. The reason is because they are a cheaper buy-in, but with cheaper buy-ins, keep in mind the affect that has on the payout ratio as well as your odds to win.

Low Stakes

Strike it Rich

Play 'Strike it Rich' At Sunset Online Casino Now!
A low stakes game that allows beginners a chance to get to know what scratch n’ play is all about. You can slowly build up your confidence and move on to higher stakes as your confidence moves up.

Lucky Streak
Play 'Lucky Streak' At Sunset Online Casino Now!
Another low stakes scratch card with great graphics. Scratch n’ play is a fun and exciting way to get your feet wet in the casino environment. Lucky Streak is only a $2 buy-in with the possibility of winning a lot more; a maximum of $100 can be grabbed up with this one.


Jackpot is just what it sounds like; with a buy-in of $5 you will hit the jackpot if you scratch 3 $250 squares. Not a bad pay out for wagering $5 dollars. The odds for this game are 1:3.70. Play 'Jackpot' At Sunset Online Casino Now!

Medium stakes cards are for the intermediate player that is willing to take more of a chance, with the benefit of winning more money. These cards possess better odds for the player for the risk that they are putting forward.

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