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Winning streaks

I think we all have heard the term ‘Winning streak’ and have just been dying for it to happen to us. Listed below are a couple of lottery diary entries that may be of interest to you. They are prime examples of, ‘scratch and win’.

The First Streak

For the past 8 days, I've been on an on-and-off scratch off streak. It began in Maryland when I got off the plane on 8/4 and put $3 into a lotto dispenser on the way to meet my grandmother. I got 1 'Cross Word' ($2) game and 1 'Quick 7s' ($1) game. On Cross Word I won $4 and on Quick 7s I won $1. I waited until I was leaving Maryland to cash them at a Hudson News stand in the airport - 8/10.

The next day (back in Florida), 8/11, I bought 2 'Money Bags' ($2) games at my nearest 7-11 and won $4 on one and $2 on the other. Later on that day, I went to another 7-11, cashed in the tickets for 1 'Saphire Blue 7s' ($2) game and 1 'Monopoly' ($2) game. I won $10 on the Saphire Blues and nothing on the Monopoly. I cashed the $10 ticket at yet another 7-11 (oh, thank heaven for them) for 2 more $2 Monopolies winning a free ticket on one of them and keeping the rest of the $10.

So today, 8/12, I went to a Hess station and took in my free ticket winner and traded it for a '$10,000 Club' ($2) game winning $5. Later, at the 7-11 I had won on the Saphire Blue ticket at, I traded in the $5 ticket for a '$130,000 Bonus' ($5) game and won $15. I took that ticket back inside for a 'Cash Fall' ($5) game and $10 cash. On the new ticket I won $5 more and when I traded that in later for another of the same, I didn't win anything. So I took the $10 I had collected from the $130,000 Bonus and bought 4 different tickets - $130,000 Bonus, Money Bags, Winner Take All, $10,000 Club - winning only on the $130,000 Bonus another $5. That's where I stand right now and I hope the streak continues.

Update: the end of the streak has come ladies and gentlemen. It ended tonight (8/12) around 10:25 pm when I traded in the $5 winner off the $130,000 Bonus ticket for a $5 Monopoly. I won a free ticket on the Monopoly game but when I traded that in for a Cash Win-Fall, nothing was won.

So after this whole ordeal, I actually made $1 and 3 - 4 Slurpees.

How was that for a scratch and win streak? With a lot of these games the chance of winning big is always there but is not always the prime focus. If everyone won big then the casino or lottery companies would not be in business. When it comes to scratch and win tickets the objective is to have fun.

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