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Here are a few other fun games that I have found to be interesting and fall into the same sort of category as scratch cards at a casino. Bingo and Keno also have a long history, which either of us don’t have time for right now, but if you have an interest in either please feel free to visit these other great sites, www.onlybingo.com, www.keno.st.

Only Bingo

Only Bingo is a wonderful interactive fun game that is offered online. The color scheme and fast play are perfect for those serious Bingo players out there. Even if you are not experienced with bingo you will have no problem playing with this software. It does as much as you want it to, taking control of your cards and allowing you to fully enjoy your experience.

You are only a click away from enjoying this great game, so what are you waiting for, Only Bingo is right here.


Keno, very similar to a lottery, is a wonderful and fun game to start out your casino experience. Having to pick as little as 1 number out of 80 is as simple as it gets. With this game you are able to play at your own pace and budget your money more effectively than you might if you were playing some of the tables at your local or online casino. Keno is exactly what I think about when it comes to wanting to play fun games.

If you are interested in learning more about keno go to keno.st. If you want to play for real money and enjoy Keno the way it was meant to be played, then go to GoldenPalace.com.

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