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Winning streaks

The Second Streak

Began on Thursday, September 16th. I purchased four Mystery Money ($1) tickets. Ashley scratched two and won $2 on one, I scratched the other two and won a Free Ticket on one.

Later that day at Publix, I took both tickets and exchanged them for three Monopoly ($1) cards. Ashley got nothing on her two, but I won $10 on my one.

Yesterday, Friday the 17th, I took my winning ticket to a Shell outside of Perry, FL on my way back to Tampa, traded it in for five more Monopoly ($1) tickets and a Mountain Dew to stay awake on the road. I won another $10 on one ticket and nothing on the other four.

Later down Highway 19 I stopped at a Circle K where I got a new ticket Monthly Grand ($2) and two Monopoly ($1) tickets. I won $1 on one Monopoly and a Free Ticket on another and won a Free Ticket on the new Monthly Grand.

At the 7-11 in Land O' Lakes off of 54, I traded my tickets in and won nothing on four Monopoly ($1) tickets.

Feeling cheated (maybe it was becuase the cashier charged me an extra dollar for my Slurpee), I went to a friendlier 7-11 a few miles away and bought a Monopoly ($5) with some of the money I had from the previous winning tickets. On that ticket, I won $15.

Yet at another 7-11 (why are they everywhere in Tampa and no where in Tallahassee?), I exchanged the winning ticket for $10 cash back and another Monopoly ($5) where I won another $5.

That winning ticket got me five more Monopoly ($1) tickets at a Shell station on which I won three out of them. $2 on two tickets and a Free Ticket on another. I got a Monopoly ($5) from those tickets and won nothing.

At another Shell station up the road I bought five more Monopoly ($1) tickets (it was that kind of day) on which I only got a Free Ticket on one.

That Free Ticket (taken to a fourth 7-11) and four more of the dollars I previously won went to getting a Tail Gator ($1) and two $10,000 Club ($2) scratch-offs. I won $5 on one of the $10,000 Clubs and a Free Ticket on the Tail Gator. The Free Ticket went to a Sand Dollar Doubler ($1) which gave no winning results and the machine at this 7-11 read my winning $5 ticket as a free $1 ticket. So I decided not to let my $4 go by cashing it and I still have the ticket which means the streak continues...

...and the streak ended on Sunday, September 19 (Talk Like a Pirate Day) around 11:45 in the morning on my way back up to Tallahassee. I used the winning $5 $10,000 Club ticket and an extra dollar to get 3 Money Bags which produced no winners.

I could only imagine having luck like this. Scratch and win tickets have always been a favorite of mine but I just can’t seem to get on winning streaks such as this. If I could, boy, I don’t think I would put them down!

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